2002 Yamaha FZS600

90400 km
Utrecht NL

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Hey guys! I'm looking to sell my 2002 Yamaha FZs600. It's been my reliable daily commuter but it's getting old and I'm looking for a replacement one. It starts up perfectly fine and you can come in and test drive it of course. Servicing has been done at RB Motoren in De Bilt and I can request service records from them if needed.

In the interest of full transparancy though there does need to be some work done on this bike so maybe best to go to someone more technically inclined than I am. Aside from the usual oil change, etc, you can see from the pictures the forks are getting rusty and will need a replacment at some point. The other big repair is that the exhaust will also need replacing. I have trouble fixing my toaster so not really worth it for me to replace at a shop for such an expensive cost. According to RB Motoren this bike is safely rideable for the summer months but at some point the exhaust will need to replaced as the power from the engine will be lost so I'm looking to start the process of selling it now (and will still take it on my office commutes).

Other than that though this bike has treated me really well and I'm a little sad that I must get rid of it. It was a daily commuter to Hilversum and Amsterdam for a few years until covid struck and now I drive it about once a week to the office. Please let me know if you have any more questions or want to see it in person in Utrecht. Price is negotiable make me an offer I cannot refuse :)

edit: For some reason I can't upload pictures so you can take a look here:




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