AUDI A4 Navigation system + Digital touchscreen+Dual Zone

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10 okt 2009

AUDI A4 Navigation System + Digital touchscreen + Dual Zone
Starting at: $ 1248.20

• High Quality: Made by a very famous manufacturer in China, extended warranty: 2 years!
• 7 Inch TFT LCD Screen Digital high-definition, 800 * 480 resolutions! (2,650,000 color), 4:3,16:9 support and full screen display!
• Specially Designed for Audi A4. No gap with original panel after installation.
• convulsed timbre and enjoy all your journey
• iPod Ready, Steering wheel control, CDC port, TF Card slot for GPS and music files (support TF card up to 16GB!).
Completely Playback • Dual Zone, you can run the GPS application while listening to radio / CD / DVD / music in TF Card / USB Device
• Built-in Digital TV (Only with European Standard is available) is also optional, and it need 220usd to add this function.Please contact us if you are interested in DVB-T function. Bluetooth function have included working
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