Formula 1 Driving school


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11 jun 2001
Dit is wel een topic over auto\'s maar wel erg leuke auto\'s *D

Je kunt een dag les krijgen in een formule 3 en formule 1 raceauto :} Was ook te zien bij

We can offer anyone, male or female, the chance to fulfil an unforgettable dream (so long as your health is sound) : learn to drive an F1 car in one day.
You will be allowed to have a go in the F1 car once you have completed a number of preparatory exercises at the helm of an F3 car during the morning.

Het aanwezige speelgoed:

Formula Opel-Lotus
AGS has a fleet of 10 Opel-Lotus racers :
- 440 kg and 180 bhp
- engines without air-restrictors or rev-limiters
- 5-speed dog gearbox
Formula 1
AGS has a fleet of 10 Formula 1 cars :
-- 505 kg and 650bhp
- thoroughbred grand prix single-seaters, powered by engines without air-restrictors or rev-limiters
- carbon chassis - carbon brakes
- Cosworth engine of the kind that has won a record 175 grands prix
- Hewland six-speed gearbox (mechanically operated, to enable tuition of invaluable basic technical skills)
- wide slick tyres
- traction control system
- car width: 2.15m

And not forgetting:
2 Le Mans prototypes
4 Ferrari Modena F1 Challenge racers

Zie voor meer info.

Dit moet ik gewoon een keertje doen! :9 :} *D :9~
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