Het Motor-Forum interview met Las Vegas Extremes!


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2 jun 2001
Het Motor-Forum interview met Las Vegas Extremes!

Jaja, als verrassing hier een interview wat ik per email had met Pauly Sherer van Las Vegas Extremes, de Las Vegas Extremes films zijn hier bij velen welbekend en het leek me leuk om ze eens een interview te sturen namens het grootste Nederlandstalige internetforum op motorgebied, www.motor-forum.nl! Dit leek ons wel aardig als extraatje voor jullie als vaste trouwe leden! *D

Het heeft even geduurd maar vandaag kreeg ik van Pauly Sherer himself reactie op het interview wat ik enkele weken geleden gestuurd had. :)

Het interview:

I ride a GSX-R myself and I'm interested why I always see GSX-R's in your video's (LVX 1 & LVX 2)? Is it a better stuntbike than for example the Yamaha R1 or ZX9R?

It is a matter of preference.. The Suzuki GSXR 750 or 1000 is by far the best all around sportbike. It has been that way for years... and to put it simply, riding motorcycles is great, but I dont find riding something like a Ninja 250 fun at all... my passion is more specified to riding the Suzuki GSXR. Best in Design, Best in Performance, and Best in Maintenance.

How often are you being fined or caught by the cops? I can imagine that your kind of driving style isn't always tolerated by the police.

This is actually a common miscomception. I know some people are drawn to the motorcycle rebel image... and I am not saying that we like many motorcycle riders are not rebelish, just not with that same old cleashay image. In the beginning when our skills were being honed, the police in Las Vegas would often come out to our practice area and watch in amazement. Being on the road for the past three years has not been very different. We are very respectful in our approach to proffesional Street Extreme Freestyle riding, and this has been proven by vertue of the fact that all Las Vegas Extremes riders have full and valid drivers licenses.

Because of the risks you often take, and some crashes I saw in your movies, I'm interested if you get sponsored by some companies or do you have to pay your own bikes and (broken) parts?

With our professional approach in the development of this sport being referred to as Street Extreme, the Las Vegas Extremes has developed tremendous support for the entire motorcycle industry. For the past few years our team has traveled the country performing shows at many different National venues. This along with the current popularity of Street Extreme videos that you can now find on the shelf, has created the demand for competition among groups. Its is the shows and the competitions that the industry has been supportive of, and Las Vegas Extremes is proud to set Street Extreme presetence by attracting and developing support programs from the following companies: Joe Rocket, Pirelli, Hindle, Arai, Hyperpro, Sharkskinz, Vortex, RK, Motul, EBC, Dynojet, Nutec, Intuitive, Cosmo, Body Syndicate, UAS.
For US Stunt Competition information please visit; www.xsba.com

What's the best sportbike?

Suzuki GSXR 1000, Suzuki GSXR 750

How many crewmembers do you have? (riders and supporting crew

# of riders change from year to year.. Usually between three and four riders with anywhere up to six additional crew members.
Another common misconception is that Las Vegas Extremes is compied of Pauly, Derrick, and Offer. This became obvious after the release of our first film Las Vegas Extremes. While there are teams that market in this manner, LVX has always run a program similar to a Road Race Team. Instead of having the same three riders performing the same six tricks, all in their backyard, Las Vegas Extremes program was designed as a window for new up and coming talent to have the opportunity to be recognized for his/her ability. New productions feature new talent... Riders are constantly changing, much like any Road Race team.
New faces, new tricks and styles, all being filmed along our travels with scenary changing from state to state.

What's the longest wheelie you ever made and who made it?

Many people think that going through all six gears on a wheelie must mean you went far.. That can be done in one city block. Distance wheelies come from balance. A balanced wheelie is or can be a long wheelie. Once you can balance a wheelie, and compensate for some mild bends or traffic that may be in the road up ahead, theoretically you can ride a wheelie for ever... however you are limited by fategue. The most common thing is forearm muscle pump to the point that you can no longer hold on. You really start to notice this at about five miles... I guess it depends what kind of physical condition you are in. Further, after going for the distance, your pretty much done being able to ride that day. It would be like getting on your bike and pulling out just one wheelie and going home, cause after that your shot. I have never really pushed it much further then that, because I usually prefer to get a little more riding done, and I am not in competition for the longest wheelie..

When will LVX 3 be ready? What can we expect?

Not sure, Las Vegas Extremes III is not particularly on the drawing board at this time.. There are a few different titles that have a priority status including Vegas Knights, which is totaly off the hook and is releasing as we speak.. This film is about to shock and amaze people all over again. LVX-G which stands for Las Vegas Extremes Girls, is about 90% complete, and we hope to release this one in a month or so. LVX-G is way out there! JoJo and her hottest girlfriends, UNCENSORED! This film is not even designed for the motorcycle market. We are talking about a reverse of content, instead of a stunt film laced with girls, LVX-G is a GIRLS film, laced with some stunts. And it is totally UNCENSORED!

Do you always ride like this or only when in front of camera's?

Always of course! Riding my motorycle for a living is a dream come true.. but the thing that makes it truely a gift is because if I was not getting paid, if there were no fans, with no money involved, I would still be riding my bike.. I would still be doing the same thing, and that why I am the luckiest guy in the world!

I've seen you doing rolling burnouts around a police car. Do you get this cooperation from police often? Or do they mostly just chase you around town?

I think this question is confused with someone else, however as mentioned before, with our professional approach, we have received nothing but support from police all over the US.. Make a mental note: When Las Vegas Extremes III does release, there is a scene shot in North Carolina, a city that my team has never been to before, and it involves the police and fire department in a pocket bike police chase through a populated neighborhood.

What's the worst crash any of you had while filming for your video's?

The Skitch Insane crash, featured in Vegas Knights. On the freeway at about 70 miles an hour, I jump around into a Switch Back, then I go into the Switch Back Insane, which is the hand stand facing the wrong way, and fall off the rear of the bike into what we call the Skitch Insane. The only problem was that I lost grip of the bike, and the bike took off leaving me tumbling down the left lane (fast lane) of a busy Las Vegas Freeway. Almost getting run over by one of our camera men, and my bike ghost rides for over a mile. Caught on three camera angles, this crash is by far the best ever.

How did such lunatics meet?

We meet talented riders all over the place. I am originally from NY where groups of us would go out ten years ago and raise chaos. We used to bring the video cameras and film everything so at the end of the night we could watch the nights mayham. Often we spoke of making a video. After I moved to Las Vegas where I met up with a few riders including JoJo who we all know is one of the most talented female riders in the world, I finally got serious about things and produced Las Vegas Extremes. After filming it for over a year, the film released October of 1999. I have been riding my bike for a living ever since.

Where do I get those signed photographs of Jolleen or JoJo?

JoJo is currently working on the "JoJo Poster". Its not available yet.. but it will be worth the wait. Note: JoJo just busted out the Leap of Faith as of last weekend. She rules!

Dit was het, ik hoop dat jullie het leuk vonden! :)


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14 dec 2001
Het Motor-Forum interview met Las Vegas Extremes!

Where do I get those signed photographs of Jolleen or JoJo?

JoJo is currently working on the "JoJo Poster". Its not available yet.. but it will be worth the wait. Note: JoJo just busted out the Leap of Faith as of last weekend. She rules!
Woutertje ;)

Maar erg leuk. Genoeg info van LVE.
Goed gedaan :}


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1 okt 2001
Leuk om te lezen, wat zij uithalen op een motor is echt onvoorstelbaar :} :} . Zou hij trouwens dik gesponsord worden door Suzuki }) ????

Zijn Engels is trouwens wel bagger zeg, dat kan ik beter. Maar goed, laten we het maar Amerikaans noemen.

Bert.....of Henk

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15 nov 2001
In het begin dacht ik even dat je de PR manager zat te interviewen, maar later komt ie echt op dreef en komt z'n ware aard naar boven, erg leuk. Oh ja, ook erg leuk:



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26 mei 2001
Als er mensen zijn die mij zouden willen sponsoren wil ik ook wel eens wat stunts proberen :P
Mijn laatste stunt liep namelijk niet zo goed af '(