Holy shit.. Foute film..

En zeker weer niets bekend over de afloop? (dus het gedeelte wat na de film komt)
En zeker weer niets bekend over de afloop? (dus het gedeelte wat na de film komt)

Jawel, Rob is een van de officials aldaar:

Rob was seriously injured on Saturday, July 7, 2001, when he was struck by a rider in Turn 2 at Loudon, while clearing the track of a previous incident.
Rob is home from the hospital! Yay! If you\'d like to give Ann or Rob a call at home, email Kit for the phone number.
Rob\'s actual injuries are: fractured pelvis and tailbone, bruised ribs (one broken), an impressively ugly gash in the left forearm, an equally scary gash in the head, and lots of bumps and bruises.

Kit saw the crash from Turn 3. She remembers the first crashed bike lying in the middle of the track, just around the blind corner of Turn 2, and that rider crawling in towards the center of the track, staying low and waving his arm as he inched toward the grass. The two corner workers ran out to retrieve the bike in the track, picked it up, and started wheeling it out of the track and crash zone down into the center, toward the rider, when they were struck by one of the many oncoming bikes.

Tony Iannarelli, who was injured in a Turn 3 crash earlier on Saturday afternoon, posted this account of what he saw on video tape:

I viewed a tape of the incident (only once and I had just taken a Percocet so memory may be a bit off)...

Anyway, it appeared to me to that a group of 4 or 5 bikes came into 2 together. There was no apparent passing on the tape, they were sort of staggered as they came out of 2.

As each person saw the bike, they peeled off to the high side or low side. By the time the front bikes peeled off, the last guy (169) was almost on top of the incident and did not have time to pick a direction.

(By the way, I was completely amazed at the composure of the CW\'s as bikes were going by on both sides. They never once made any movements that would have confused oncoming riders.)

Race Control confirms that there was a waving yellow flag and a debris flag in Turn 2 for what we originally thought was at least a minute before the second crash took place.

Updates on Rick Martin
Kit spoke with Rick Martin, the other corner worker involved in the incident, on Saturday, July 14. He sounded in high spirits and said there\'s nothing broken, but he\'s bruised and sore. He probably won\'t make it back for the next race weekend, but he\'s looking foward to racing and corner working again in the future.
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