Honda RC211V sneakpeak


MF veteraan
25 sep 2001

We can all speculate what is underneath the fancy Repsol fairing, but other than the basic facts that it is a V5 (3-2) water-cooled engine displacing close to the maximum permitted displacement of 990cc., we know nothing. We can\'t learn much more from these shots, but it is clear that (thank God) Honda have limited themselves to a fairly unorthodox engine configuration, but have not gone nuts on the rest of the bike. The illustrious heritage of the RC211 includes such legendary bikes as the first V4 NSR of 1984, which featured a fuel tank under the engine, resulting in a low centre of gravity but a bike that was incredibly difficult to turn. Go back to the Honda\'s previous 4-stroke GP machine and we find the NR500, not only sporting the infamous oval pistons, but in it\'s first incarnation, a full Monococque chassis, that needed to be split in half for the engine to be removed.

There seems to be little chassis innovation visible in these shots. The rear swingarm is incredibly massive, but otherwise conventional in design, and nothing special is visible on the Showa front forks. The only really unusual feature is the mass of metal under the sub-frame above the rear wheel. It looks like this might well be a radiator, which has been moved from the congested front end of the bike to the relatively spacious rear end. Probably there are some smaller radiators up front with the rear acting as an auxiliary. Honda (and other manufacturers) have been experimenting with radiator location for many years, so it\'s not so strange finding it at the back of the bike. Currently just a single exhaust and no attempt to increase flow with multiple exhausting as yet.
That\'s about it! Maybe you see something we\'ve missed.......


MF veteraan
21 mei 2001
Leuk speeltje... Zal mij benieuwen wat voor schepsels we allemaal op de baan gaan zien tijdens MotoGP 2002.

R1 beest

MF veteraan
5 jun 2001
Ik vind het jammer dat de meeste fabrikanten met v motoren in de baan komen,ben niet kapot van het geluid.De 4 cinder lijnmotoren vind ik mooier klinken,gelukkig denkt? yamaha(mijn merk)daar ook zo over.In 2003 schijnt het te zijn dat er alleen maar fourstroke\'s bikes aan de start staan,ben benieuwd hierna.Dit jaar zijn het er waarschijnlijk maar 6/8,althans zo lijkt het erop.Kom op yamaha zet al je rijders op die M1 in 2002,een nieuwkomer als John Hopkins moet men er gelijk op zetten.