Incident with Verpalen KTM Motors

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16 nov 2017
Dear fellow members,

I am sorry, I don't speak Dutch, but I felt like this is the best place to share my story.

Today I went to pick up my bike from Verpalen KTM Motors. They set the timing right on my bike(ktm 450) and did some other minor things. They showed me it was working, I paid the bill, warmed up the engine for a minute and started riding home... After around 5km the bike died while idleing, I started it again, turned the fuel on reserve, decided to go fill up the tank.., so like 10 km away from the place I stopped at a gas station and noticed the whole left side of the engine was completely covered with oil, the engine seems to be almost empty from oil, it leaked heavily from between the valve cover. So I call Verpalen Motors and describe what happened, the answer is that sorry yea we didn't change the valve cover gasket, because we didn't think its needed, do you want us to order one for you??..., I told them im in the middle of a high way with a bike I shouldn't turn on any more, and that i really would need to get the bike and myself home somehow. They replied that sorry today they don't have a car to come anywhere and basically just wished me good luck with finding a solution by myself.

I really don't think it is a proper way of acting from them. I was lucky I had to pay just 75€ to get the bike home thanks to another company. While I was calling for help I was told also that the place where the bike was repaired should give some warranty or something.

What would you do in this situation? Is there something to do at all? Looking forward to hearing your opinions. Thanks


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25 okt 2016
Act like a Dutchman and throw a brick through the window.
Haha, that is really bad advice..

But lets just start by calling them tomorrow morning and explaining everything again. Maybe go there in person. People tend to know a lot of English in the Netherlands, but for a lot of people it is very hard to speak trough the phone. Explain them the situation and let them come with a solution. It is possible that the laguage barrier screwed some things up here.


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31 mrt 2013
jaja is er weer 1, nieuw account aanmaken om iemand af te lopen zeiken terwijl je zelf oorzaak van het verhaal bent en hoogstwaarschijnlijk niet het hele verhaal vertelt.
Slot erop en klaar ermee.


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6 apr 2003
Just walk it of. There are more bikeshops (at least one :)) in that area.
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