Stolen - MV Agusta Brutale 800 RR - Amsterdam West

24 jun 2021
Hi everyone,

Last week, on the night 16-17.04 my brand new MV Agusta Brutale was stolen from the garage under the building. Had it barely 4 weeks.
It was parked under my building's garage and I thought I did all I could to prevent it but it wasn't enough - 2 chains, attached to the wall and another motorcycle, GPS tracker, cover to hide from prying eyes. Somebody still made an effort to find her and take her. Seems like a pattern in this neighbourhood.
The police was trying to track the bike as it was being hauled away probably in a truck but the tracker was not sending the real time location due to poor GPS signal. In the end the last location was in Gaasperdam, south east Amsterdam, as in the location screenshot attached below - between Parkhof and Puiflijkpad. This is likely where they managed to remove and destroy the tracker. Unfortunately I was away on holidays and could only call the police when I saw the tracker's alarm.

Location - Amsterdam West, near World Fashion Center.
Date: April 17, 4:40am.
The license plate was 93-MP-VV
Frame number: ZCGANWAC3NV001031
Special features: silver engine protectors on both sides, visible in the pictures below.
Also it had integrated heated grips, with small button on the left hand handle.
Otherwise the motorcycle was fully stock.
It's the 2021 model and you can tell by the hollow space under the seat, like in the side picture attached.

Posting this here in the hope somebody might spot it as it's quite a rare motorcycle. Anyway, thanks a lot for any help in advance! Kind words are also welcome ;)
Take care and stay vigilant!

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11 aug 2015
Very nice bike. But you aren’t lucky. Second one stolen. Hope this one is found back soon too.
24 jun 2021
Thanks. I hope so but I don’t expect much this time.
No, I don’t feel lucky at all. Or rather I start considering moving to a different neighborhood as this one appears to make people miserable.
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