Te koop: Dnepr Mt-10 '77 650cc 1500 euros

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9 nov 2009
Hi there,

650cc, 4 gears and reverse, made in 1977 with all the documents. At the moment it is in Europe, Lithuania, Kaunas.
As you will see (if someone will help me with uploading photos. Cause i see ''browse'', but i do not see anything like ''upload''), i got it all rusty, reassemled and repainted it, i made everything myself exept the engine (new pistons, bearings, valves and another things that i do not know such words in english, sorry) , gear box (bearings, rubber parts-that stops the oil) and final drive (all inside is brand new and in our country we say it is fastened, the ratio changed, whatever..). I gave them (engine, gearbox) to the professional mechanist and he did all the job. Front shocks are new, rear shocks are new, battery is new and other little things are new (like handlebars). Non original items are mufflers, color and moto is without a sidecar (though it should be with). The seat (i have it) should be one piece and leather, now are two tractor seats and it looks much better as you can see. New carbs Pekar K68 and electronical ignition system are installed.
Really sorry for my english being so poor.
The price would be 1500 euros.
Thats a fine moto to have and to make it your way. On the other hand it is already done for using.
Just ask and you will get all answers, just ask i will make photos of very part. I could make a vid if someone would be interested in buying and would like to here how it sounds.
Here or email [email protected]
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