Verschil SRAD 1997 - 1998


Die hard MF'er
10 jan 2002
'96 & '97 carburateurs en 125 pk, '98 & '99 injectie en 135 pk. Verder is er volgens mij weinig veranderd.


MF veteraan
26 nov 2001
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Kan 'ik' je nog dit vertellen ;) :

GSX-R750 1998

To Make The Best Even Better, Start With All-New Fuel Injection.

Every world-class athlete faces the toughest competitor imaginable: himself. At first he starts out striving to beat his rivals. When he succeeds -- when he becomes the best in the world -- then what? He sets personal goals, establishing undreamed of new standards, as a matter of pride.

The same goes with motorcycle designers and engineers, and the GSX-R750 is rolling, glistening proof. The new-generation GSX-R750 has overwhelmed the competition for the last two years. Now, for 1998, the GSX-R750 is dramatically improved. Not because Suzuki engineers had to make it better still -- but because they could.

The new GSX-R750 features a new two-stage digital fuel-injection system, giving it more horsepower, more torque and an even better power-to-weight ratio. The fuel-injection system not only increases high-rpm power, it enhances maneuverability and throttle response. At light throttle and low engine speeds, the system calculates the ideal mixture then delivers more fuel when the throttle is opened quickly. The result is markedly improved throttle response and acceleration.

But Suzuki’s engineers didn’t stop with fuel injection. The liquid-cooled, double-overhead-cam engine has a larger airbox, refined valve timing, a new exhaust system with shorter head pipes and modified transmission ratios. The modifications combine to further increase mid-range performance and improve acceleration. And while this hardly seems fair to the competition, you’ll appreciate the changes every time you accelerate hard out of a corner and feel the engine pull ferociously toward redline.

The GSX-R750’s cutting-edge chassis and suspension designs are also improved for 1998. Its diamond-type aluminum frame has been lightened while maintaining its rigidity. Both the fully adjustable inverted forks and the single shock rear suspension system have revised spring and damping rates for smoother action. And the ’98 GSX-R750 now sports a new steering damper.

While words hardly did justice to the ’97 GSX-R750, Motorcyclist Magazine did a pretty good job of describing it with a single short phrase. They simply called it the "Best 750 Sportbike" of 1997-- which, don’t forget, has gotten even better for 1998.

John Janssen

Die hard MF'er
26 okt 2001
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"Verder is er volgens mij weinig veranderd."

Ja leuk, je ziet het niet maar het is er wel.
Een lijstje wat ze eventueel verandert hebben (ik zeg dus niet dat het verandert is!)

- Air-box
- Nokkenassen
- Krukas (zwaarder)
- Drijfstangen
- Zuigers
- Koppakking
- versnellingsbak (verhoudingen en sterkte)
- signaalgever op krukas.
- nokkenas kettingspanner en geleider.
- CDI unit en dus achterspatbord omdat een Injectie CDI unit veel groter is dan een carb CDI unit.
- Dynamo/generator zwaarder omdat de injectie CDI meer stroom trekt
- kabelboom
- zekering kast
- gietmallen blok, omdat het blok sterker is geworden
- Vering, omdat de fiets sneller is geworden
- uitlaatbochten
- uitlaatdemper.
- gashendel
- vorm van de tank aan de onderkant
- brandstofpomp in de tank is nu een hogedruk item.
- Dashbord
- radiateur
- waterpomp
- oliepomp
- koppeling (zwaarder)

En dan natuurlijk de uiterlijke dingen.

Ik ben ook al een aantal malen op mijn snuit gegaan door te denken dat dingen tussen verschillende bouwjaren hetzelfde zijn, niet dus.