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15 mrt 2013
Omg. Nha Trang, Vietnam
Immens botte domheid?

En om te laten zien hoe alles hier al dan niet (samen)werkt:

Ho Chi Minh City shutters bars, discos, karaoke following detection of local COVID-19 infection
Bron: Ho Chi Minh City shutters bars, discos, karaoke following detection of local COVID-19 infection

Hanoi closes karaoke parlors, bars, discos after new local COVID-19 infection
Bron: Hanoi closes karaoke parlors, bars, discos after new local COVID-19 infection

En dus…

Top tourist destinations near fully booked despite Covid-19 menace
Bron: Top tourist destinations near fully booked despite Covid-19 menace - VnExpress International


After over a month without a single case of community transmission, many Vietnamese have booked to join tours during the four-day break (April 30-May 3) which marks Reunification Day (April 30) and Labor Day (May 1).”
Wat aan de pestherrie hier ook luid en duidelijk te merken is. Kwam vanmorgen al door de dubbele beglazing en de herrie van de airco heen.

En dit is geen lokaal feestje, hè, dit zijn complete volksverhuizingen. Want het zijn echt niet alleen de top-attracties, die bezoek krijgen.


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15 mrt 2013
Omg. Nha Trang, Vietnam
String portraits depict prominent global artists

Le Van Manh, a 25-year-old Saigon artist, uses nails and thread to create portraits of prominent local and foreign figures.

String 1.jpg

The artist from Tan Phu District said he discovered string art during the Covid-19 outbreak last year.
"This type of art entails a web of yarn wrapped around a nail system fastened onto the plane surface. Lines are created when the yarn is wound around two nails. Multiple lines intersect and vary in angle to make the image come alive," he said.

String 2.jpg
Manh applies math algorithms to determine the correct wrapping order.

String 3.jpg
For a 40-centimeter-in-diameter picture, Manh will have to hammer 200 nails into the canvas, each corresponding to a number from 1 to 200.

String 4.jpg
"The more threads that pass through an area, the darker it will be, creating contrast in the portrait."

String 5.jpg
He said an artwork with a diameter of 40 centimeters will need about 3,000 wrappings.

String 6.jpg
In addition to the wooden frame, the remaining materials for making string art include nails, thread, pliers to fix the nail into position and a hammer. This material set costs about VND300,000 ($13.08).

String 7.jpg
Manh said viewers should not stand too close to the picture to get a better perspective, advising a distance of about two meters.

String 8.jpg
He has made portraits of wellknown figures, including General Secretary of the Communist Party of Vietnam Nguyen Phu Trong, local comedian Tran Thanh and fictional character Harry Potter.

For other types of frames such as hearts, squares or a variety of thread colors, Manh has to use more complex algorithms.
"Even though the computer determines the wrapping order, winding the thread is still done by hand, requiring patience and focus. For someone with no talent like me, this type of art is even more special since it is a way for me to surpass my limits."

String 9.jpg
On April 2, Manh was invited to take part in a tutorial for autistic children to mark World Autism Awareness Day at a special education school in Binh Thanh District.
"Initially, I learned how to make string art simply because I found it strange and wanted to conquer it myself. Since I want to help popularize this art, I will work on more sample paintings, algorithms and diverse materials."

String portraits depict prominent global artists - VnExpress International


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15 mrt 2013
Omg. Nha Trang, Vietnam
Farmers and football: the Vietnamese women scoring big on the field

Football 1.jpg
Ethnic San Chi women dressed in traditional costumes play a friendly football match as part of the Soong Co festival celebrations in northern Vietnam's Quang Ninh province. Photo: AFP

Legs stiff from long days in the rice terraces of northern Vietnam, scores of female farmers dressed in colourful cloth headbands and skirts gather on a gravel pitch for a game of football.

The all-female squads of Huc Dong commune, a mountainous village only 40 kilometres from the Chinese border, have little time to practice and may spend months away from the sport when it's time to tend their crops.

But the commitment of the women, who hail from the San Chi ethnic minority group, has earned them respect -- plus a little money and fame -- in football-mad Vietnam. Since they began playing in 2016, the women have featured regularly in national press and across social media.

But they are far from the only success story in women's football in Vietnam, with the national side multiple South East Asian championship winners.

Football 2.jpg
Since the team's launch in 2016, the women have featured regularly in national press and across social media. Photo: AFP

Trying to catch a pass from her teammate, striker May Thi Kim bumps against her competition as she aims for the goal on the community's gravel hilltop stadium overlooking the paddy and bamboo-covered valley.

Her team from Mo Tuc village is facing off against friends from neighbouring Luc Ngu in a sports event that is part of the traditional Soong Co festival on Saturday.

As the team dribbles the ball closer to the goalposts, spectators -- many of whom are their husbands, children and tourists -- cheer the women on.
"I used to watch football on TV," Kim, 29, told AFP, recalling the beginnings of the team five years ago. "I told the youth union they must let us women play."

Football 3.jpg
Ethnic Dao women wearing traditional clothing watch a friendly football match as part of the Soong Co festival celebrations in northern Vietnam's Quang Ninh province. Photo: AFP

Skirts shortened, shirts loosened
Kim and her fellow players in Huc Dong commune -- 14 in all across two teams -- play in black skirts, long-sleeved blue shirts and headbands that have been part of their traditional dress for generations.
"There is no difference playing football in either the traditional clothes or sportswear," Kim told AFP before the match.

That said, their skirts have been shortened, shirts loosened -- and some of the women play with colourful long football socks.

Midfielder La Thi Thao, 15, says she might be more comfortable in regular shorts and T-shirt, but is happy to show off the clothing of her tiny community, which numbers just over 2,000.

It helps "people, including tourists, understand us better", she said.

Football 4.jpg
Some of the players have even passed their passion for football on to their children. Photo: AFP

'It hurt every muscle'
All the players in Huc Dong, including Kim, make a living from hard grind on the terraced paddy fields and in the forests, where they grow cinnamon, star anise and pine trees. Their step count climbs into the tens of thousands each day as they traverse hills and navigate rocky streams.

But although strong, the women did not have the physical agility at the outset that football demands.
"When we first started, it hurt every muscle," Kim said, admitting they had very little time to train due to the combined pressures of farming and housework.

Coach May A Cang has trained them hard to improve their flexibility, asking the women to run regularly to limber up their muscles.

It was tough work at first, with the women soaking their legs in warm salted water and medicinal leaves for pain relief -- but gradually their bodies adapted to the training.

Football 5.jpg
The footballers play in black skirts, long-sleeved blue shirts and headbands that have been part of their traditional dress for generations. Photo: AFP

While Cang has taken on a coaching role, he admits that even he was initially hesitant when his wife, a squad member, wanted to join the team.
"I thought her playing could hurt her legs and then she could not go to the field to work," he said.
"But she told me she would train and would know how to play properly."

The women believe they have proved their doubters wrong -- some have even transferred their passion on to their daughters.
"Even if it hurts, we are ok to take it for our love of football," Kim said.

Bron: Farmers and football: the Vietnamese women scoring big on the field

Tekst en foto’s deden me onmiddellijk denken aan lang geleden: een schoolvoetbaltoernooi van 6e klassers. Mijn dochter deed ook (een beetje) mee.

Vlak bij mij hoorde ik een wat bekakt sprekende moeder iets zeggen over “dat haar dochter niet mocht voetballen, ordinaire sport” of zoiets. Denk het accent er even zelf bij. :+

Zelf keek ik naar één van mijn dochters vriendinnen, die echt met kop en schouders boven iedereen uit stak. Geweldig om die te zien spelen en regelen. Toen al een talent.

Uiteindelijk heeft ze het tot selectiewedstrijden voor het Nederlands elftal weten te brengen, maar dat is helaas niet gelukt.

Meer fraaie en m.i. betere foto’s zijn te zien op Ethnic women play football in skirts


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15 mrt 2013
Omg. Nha Trang, Vietnam

Ook dit snap ik voorlopig nog niet. Ja, ja, mijn snappertje krimpt blijkbaar met de jaren of droogt in door de warmte.

Het laagste punt van de weg is een brug die ooit door hoog water is ingestort. Zie Vietnam Deel 2

Later nog wat foto’s gemaakt toen de brug gerepareerd was. Zie Vietnam Deel 2

Maar nu.
  • Wordt dit een nieuwe hogere brug in plaats van die er nu ligt?
  • Op ca. 100 m. links ligt parallel aan deze weg de vermoedelijke nieuwe weg voor het resort langs. Wordt dit viaduct een onderdeel van die weg?
  • Komt er iets haaks op dit bestaande weggetje?
  • Iets geheel anders? O-)
OK, af en toe maar eens langsrijden.

Onduidelijk 1.jpg

Onduidelijk 2.jpg



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15 mrt 2013
Omg. Nha Trang, Vietnam


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15 mrt 2013
Omg. Nha Trang, Vietnam
US magazine lists Khanh Hoa resort among world's 30 best

American lifestyle magazine Veranda named Six Senses Ninh Van Bay in Khanh Hoa Province, home to famed resort town Nha Trang, among the world's 30 best resorts for 2021. It was the only Vietnamese resort to break into the list compiled by travel advisors for the magazine.

Located on Ninh Van Bay in the south-central province's Ninh Hoa District, around 60 kilometers from Nha Trang, the resort consists of 54 villas covering an area of lush greenery. Behind the resort lies a range of hills, home to rare monkeys on the brink of extinction.

The only way to access the resort is by boat, which takes around 20 minutes.

Six 1.jpg
Six Senses Ninh Van Bay in Khanh Hoa Province. Photo courtesy of Six Senses.

"The resort wows with its wealth of one-of-a-kind, secluded accommodations, from hideaways in the jungle to retreats over rock pools. If you can pull yourself away from your villa, there are endless activities to enjoy, from Vietnamese cooking classes and organic garden tours to locally inspired wellness programs," Veranda wrote.

Nha Trang, with its long, sandy beaches and scuba diving, has earned fame as a top travel destination in Vietnam. Nha Trang Bay is widely considered among the world's most beautiful.

Ninh Van Bay remains untouched, with tourism services undeveloped.

Other resorts included in the list were One & Only Reethi Rah in the Maldives, Aurora Cabin in Finland, Triophy Lodge in Iceland and Thailand's Four Seasons Tented Camp Golden Triangle.

Bron: US magazine lists Khanh Hoa resort among world's 30 best - VnExpress International

Voor een luizige €900 - €4.000 per nacht kunnen jullie ook kijken of “Veranda” gelijk heeft.

Of zie Vietnam Resorts | Vietnam Beach Resort and Spa Holidays voor wat leuke kiekjes en filmpjes.


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15 mrt 2013
Omg. Nha Trang, Vietnam
Werk in uitvoering…

…dus even afstappen en foto’s maken.

Werk 1.jpg

Er wordt ook hier een betonnen sloot gemaakt.

Werk 2.jpg

Werk 3.jpg

En ze hebben nog een aardig stukje te gaan.

Werk 4.jpg

Dus ze zijn voorlopig van de straat.

Of van de wal in de sloot.



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15 mrt 2013
Omg. Nha Trang, Vietnam

…van standaard Vietnamese afwerking.

“Wat zeik je nou. Niet vlak? Het ligt er toch goed bij? Kijk eens goed op de tweede foto hoe fraai en artistiek we dat muurtje hebben gebouwd. Dat is toch puur vakmanschap? “.

Natuurlijk, als dat t.z.t. een roller coaster moet worden heb je volledig gelijk.

Schoolvoorbeeld 1.jpg

Schoolvoorbeeld 2.jpg

Ach ja, vakmanschap…

Schoolvoorbeeld 3.jpg

Oeps. Sorry, verkeerde foto. Het moet natuurlijk deze zijn:

Schoolvoorbeeld 4.jpg

Want 7 Things to Know About Drinking in Vietnam
Laatst bewerkt:


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15 mrt 2013
Omg. Nha Trang, Vietnam
Taking small steps toward greener life in Vietnam

Green 1.jpg
Young volunteers take part in a GreenPoints event in a supplied photo.

With the aim of creating a community that is big enough to raise awareness of greener life across Vietnam, a team behind the GreenPoints project takes some small but decisive steps toward this goal.

Huynh Hanh Phuc, who created the education project Teach for Vietnam, is also the technical lead and developer for the GreenPoints application.

A little bit of ‘green’ daily
The GreenPoints app was developed based on promoting and rewarding users for their efforts of living a green lifestyle. The team behind the app chose to give green points (GP) to people who adopt environmentally friendly actions. Users then can exchange these points for useful and meaningful gifts. On top of that, they can also give their points to their friends, family members, or to other community projects.

Currently, the GreenPoints app has some features such as

  • Reporting grey points (illegal landfill sites that cause contamination or are left undone for a long time);
  • Green Action (record, register, and inspire a green lifestyle);
  • Green Station (where people can bring waste to and get GP points in return);
  • Green Events (events where people come to exchange waste for gifts, to gain knowledge about the green community, and more); and
  • Green Contribution (donate GP points to social projects like making libraries for underprivileged children, planting trees in the forest, collecting garbage across the nation, and others).

Think twice before buying
A growing number of people who choose to lead a green life often think twice before making a choice or decision.
“Should I buy it? Is this really a waste? How were these vegetables planted? How was this stuff manufactured?” said Phuc.
“If we do this together every day, small efforts will become big like a ripple effect, we have a greener spring, a greener decade, and then a more sustainable future."

Consuming demand never stops, but a young generation is slower in deciding to buy anything. They pay more attention to the potential risks that a piece of goods can pose to the environment in the long run. They consider alternative methods and think about what people can do to show gratitude to Mother Nature.

In Phuc’s opinion, a child’s love for nature must be nurtured regularly inside each household, where the parents play a key role in developing the love.
“In the state of Missouri [in the U.S.] where I lived before, there was a family with a father who was from Brazil, a U.S. mother, and a daughter named Elina,” he recalled.
“They took the daughter into the garden playing every day or cycling in the forest.
"They have three boxes that were sorted out to contain various kinds of garbage including plastic garbage, paper scraps, and discarded food to be used as organic fertilizer.
“As you can guess, Elina’s love for nature was developed naturally along with her parents through such simple things."

It is the young generation that becomes a source of inspiration for their parents and grandparents to lead a greener and more sustainable lifestyle, he said.
“We found that the young have more opportunities to access information on the environment," Phuc told Tuoi Tre (Youth) newspaper.
"They, in turn, can easily encourage other family members to live in harmony with nature.
“I am persuaded to change my view on environmental education.
“We had better firstly focus on the young generation to build a green community."

In Ho Chi Minh City, the young can bring garbage bags and second-hand stuff to Green Station at 106A Nguyen Van Cu Street, Nguyen Cu Trinh Ward, District 1 to exchange for GP points.

Green Station also operates in the central city of Da Nang and the capital city of Hanoi while setting goals of expanding to more destinations in the future.

Currently, the station accepts certain kinds of garbage such as clean-treated milk boxes, discarded batteries, paper, plastic bottles, and broken-down electronics.

Apart from that, anyone can register to become an operator of a Green Station if they feel that they have enough passion for environmental protection.

Taking small steps toward greener life in Vietnam

Op zich natuurlijk een voortreffelijk initiatief. Maar er is zeker hier in Vietnam nog een Sisyphus-taak te verrichten: milieu is hier bij ruw geschat 99,9 % van de bevolking een volstrekt onbekend begrip.

Een voorbeeld is de 100.000 ton pesticiden, die jaarlijks zonder enig probleem wordt gesproeid.

En dichter bij (mijn) huis. De afgelopen maand zijn in een straal van zo’n honderd meter vele tientallen, vaak ook grote bomen gekapt. Dat is voor de verkoop. Ditzelfde zie je op heel veel plaatsen gebeuren. Ook dat mag blijkbaar gewoon.

Dus heel normaal in mijn omgeving:

Green 2.jpg

Misschien ook eens denken aan een GreenPee Duurzaam & circulair | GreenPee, Het circulaire urinoir. Op veel rustige plaatsen op straat met veel muurtjes stinkt het naar de urine. En nee, die is niet van de honden. Althans niet van die op vier poten. O-)


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15 mrt 2013
Omg. Nha Trang, Vietnam
Vietnam’s first-ever ‘sleepless city’ officially opens on Phu Quoc Island

Sleepless 1.jpg
A music show during the opening ceremony of Phu Quoc United Center on April 21, 2021. Photo: Hai Trieu / Tuoi Tre

Vingroup’s Phu Quoc United Center – Southeast Asia’s leading entertainment complex – was officially launched on Vietnam’s Phu Quoc Island on Wednesday evening and is expected to open up many opportunities for night-time economic development.

Super entertainment complex
Phu Quoc – Vietnam’s first island city – is granted a lot of special mechanisms and policies to promote economic and tourism development, according to Huynh Quang Hung, chairman of the Phu Quoc People’s Committee.

A total of 328 projects worth up to US$16 billion have been established by major corporations on the island so far, Hung continued.

The number of visitors to Phu Quoc increases 25-30 percent every year, he said, adding that the island is expected to welcome three million visitors, who are mainly domestic tourists, in 2021.
“The brand new super entertainment complex plays a significant role in Phu Quoc’s tourism developmen,” Hung remarked.

Sleepless 2.jpg
The replica of Venice’s Grand Canal at Phu Quoc United Center. Photo: Hai Trieu / Tuoi Tre

Ry, a foreign visitor who has been in Vietnam for a year, said he was extremely excited at the opening of Phu Quoc United Center – an all-in-one resort complex.

Rod Beriver, a Canadian businessman, said he was surprised by the magnificence and cleanliness of the super tourism-resort-entertainment complex, especially the replica of Venice’s Grand Canal, which made him feel like he was in modern and glamorous Europe.
Beriver came to Vietnam about seven years ago and is running a business inside Phu Quoc United Center.
This ‘sleepless city’ can totally be compared with other leading destinations in Asia such as Japan and Hong Kong, the Canadian man added.

Vietnam’s first ‘sleepless city’
Vietnamese singer Dang Khoi arrived at Grand World, part of the Phu Quoc United Center, not only as an artist but also an investor since he owns a shophouse in the complex.
“I've been looking forward to the grand opening of the complex and hope it will become an attractive tourist destination in the future," Khoi said.
"I believe this 'sleepless city' will spur Vietnam’s tourism in the coming time."

Nguyen Duc Duy, a Ho Chi Minh City resident, said he landed in Phu Quoc on Wednesday morning on the occasion of the Hung Kings Festival.
Duy and his friends rented some bicycles to tour the Grand World and planned on partying all night long following the opening ceremony of Phu Quoc United Center.
"I cannot believe Vietnam has such a unique and spectacular entertainment compound," the visitors exclaimed.

Pham Van Anh, who resides in Duong Dong Town, Phu Quoc City, said she is happy that her hometown has such a special entertainment complex.
“I hope that Phu Quoc will continue to develop so that more tourists will come to and fall in love with the island,” Anh remarked.

The woman added her family had spent VND150,000 (US$6.5) on an enjoyable boat ride along the Venice Grand Canal.

About 300 agricultural products and specialties of various localities were also presented to visitors in the ‘sleepless city.'

Bustling promenade, night market
Grand World currently has three main projects, namely the Grand World Phu Quoc Pedestrian Street - Night Market, NightZone 68, and Saigon Seafood Hub Market, according to Huynh Van Son, general director of Sea Star Saigon JSC.

Open from 6:00 pm to 6:00 am daily, NightZone 68 is the first model to be developed in the night economic complex, Son elaborated.
“The night economy here is an example of a 'sleepless city,' which is completely different from the night streets in other urban areas," he elaborated.

The Pedestrian Street - Night Market has 134 stalls selling food, souvenirs, specialties, local products, travel necessities, and fashion items.

Sleepless 3.jpg
A bird’s-eye view of Grand World Phu Quoc – a ‘sleepless city.' Photo: Hai Trieu / Tuoi Tre

Sleepless 4.jpg
Bamboo Legend – Vietnam’s largest bamboo construction. Photo: Hai Trieu / Tuoi Tre

Bron: Vietnam’s first-ever ‘sleepless city’ officially opens on Phu Quoc Island

Nog een zooitje karaoke-boxen erbij en ze kunnen helemaal los.

Sorry, ik ben hier echt te oud voor vrees ik.

Veel meer PR-foto’s en suf geneuzel? Zie de bron.
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