welk materiaal?


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9 jan 2008
weet iemand uit welk materiaal het frame van een GS500E is gemaakt?
ik dacht namelijk eerst uit Aluminium maar kreeg te horen van iemand anders dat het van ijzer is? dus ik weet het niet meer.. :?


30 jul 2007
Description: Suzuki introduced the GS500E mostly as a budget, entry level motorcycle. The way it was received was better than Suzuki could have hoped. Not only was it a good entry level machine, but it could keep the rider entertained well after the basic skills were mastered. Many GS500's found their way into the hands of the budget conscious, and some even made it as far as the race track. The vertical twin cylinder engine proved a willing performer. It was a smooth running unit, derived from the GS450 motor, complete with a counterbalancer. A twin spar frame made of steel was hooked up to Kayaba suspension components. Much of the running gear was sourced from other Suzuki models. The suspension performed well, despite being non-adjustable, and the brakes were excellent. Overall, the GS500E was a fantastic budget machine, capable of keeping novices, or experienced riders happy.

The Suzuki GS500F is the same as the GS500E except with a full fairing and lower handlebars.

Power in 1989 was [email protected], with torque of 24.59ft/lb'[email protected] Wet weight
was 416lb's.

Voila, hopelijk ben je hiermee geholpen. ;)

(Google is toch handig hé.)
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