Veranderde Oplichtings truc


Die hard MF'er
27 okt 2003
Ze hebben blijkbaar weer iets anders verzonnen.
Normaal adverteren ze met nietbestaande,goedkope en bijna nieuwe motoren,maar nu had ik een bod gedaan op een oldtimer brik en zie de volgende mail die ik in mijn mailbox vond:

Dear customer,
I noticed that you have a bid on the item BMW R75/5 Bwj.1973. and I would
like to make you an offer. I could offer you the same unit to buy now
without the auction for only 1200 EUR! If we will have a deal I will pay the
shipping fees and the insurence for the package. I am looking forward to
hear from you. Thank you in advance for your time
Kind Regards...

men zij gewaarschuwd voor deze kloothommels :r :r

OH ja en zijn emailadres is [email protected]


MF veteraan
20 dec 2003
Belgischen kust
Laat ze maar opsturen, ik betaal wel binnen 2 maanden na ontvangst.
Ondertussen doorverkopen aan 150% aan een nigeriaanse firma en daarvan de tax recupereren ... :+


Die hard MF'er
8 jun 2004
waarom niet een mail terug met dezelfde truc. Mischien trappen ze in hun eigen shit.
Dear vender,
I think this is a fair bid. Instead of 1200 euro i can offer you 10 camels.
Shipping included. :+


10 dec 2004
Of wat dacht je van deze;

Sorry for the lately response and Thanks for your quick response you offered to my mail, am ok with your asking price € 3500 and you don,t need to bother or strees yourself about the shippment cos i have a reliable shipper that will come to your location for the pickup of the (car) to my house in uk and also my shipper will be assisting me in clearing and picking some of my goods that i bought from other buyers down to my house. In respect of payment i have a client in the europe who is owing me and he has agreed to issue a cheque of € 8500 .All i need to do to make payment easier and faster is to instruct him to procure a certified cheque and mail it to you on the address and name you want on the cheque. But i would want to know if i can count on you to send my balance to the shipping company via Western Union Money Transfer as soon as you cash the money ,so that t hey can start to process the INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING DOCUMENTS of the the ( car ) and come for the pick up at your location.Mail me asap to enable me arrange payment.Furnish me with your name,physical mailing address and contact/cell phone number, so I can forward it to my client in europe who will issue the cheque for the payment ok.
I will be looking forward to hearing from you soon,
Thanks and God bless,
Regards to you and your family,